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Discover the best pre-wedding shoot locations in the UK

The UK is one of the most vibrant countries, and it is popular for its rich history and stunning landscapes. No wonder many people choose this place as their pre-wedding shoot location. From the classic landmarks to the hidden gem, this place has everything you want to capture in the background of your picture. This country offers an array of romantic and aesthetic views that will help you perfectly capture your love story. In the following guide, we have mentioned certain pre-wedding shoot locations that you can choose for your pre-wedding shoot.

pre shoot locations in ukpre shoot locations in ukpre shoot locations in uk

Locations you can choose in the UK for pre-wedding shoot

Virginia Water

Virginia Water, the pre-wedding shoot location in the UK, gives the most serene backdrop to your pictures. The place is surrounded by rolling green fields and woodland. It is located on the edge of Windsor Great Park. It is at the top of tourist attractions because it gives a subtle yet rich aesthetic vibe to visitors. It could be your traditional English spot from the hustle and bustle of your life. If you want to add the essence of this place to your photographs, then book the pre-wedding photography session with us.

Black Park

This is another easy-to-access location for a pre-wedding shoot. This park gives you access to the lake, horse-drawn vehicles, horse riding, etc. Click some creative pictures when discovering the woodland trail. Capture your romantic picture at the lakeside café and nature. The property is spread across 500 acres of woodland, so you will get enough spots for pictures.

Kew Gardens

If you are in search of any classic spot in the UK, you will love this picture. The highlights of this location are unique living plants and wildlife. You can capture the colourful vibes of flowers and plant diversity at Kew Garden. The ambience of this place is soothing and gives appealing hues. Get connected with us.

Osterley Park

Osterley Park & House, a rare surviving location in Greater London, is the ideal backdrop for your wedding, birthday, or other celebration photographs. It is a serene hideaway comprising 357 acres with parkland, lakes, and an outstanding neoclassical palace. Osterley Park House, which is the enormous 18th-century neoclassical pleasure palace often called ‘the palace of palaces’ by Horace Walpole, is the lusciously sweet fruit of Britain’s incipient banking sector and foreign trade. The developing city has gobbled up the estate, which today finds itself inside the boundaries of the London Borough surrounding Hounslow. Book your filming professionals from us.

Chiswick Park

This next location is a great place for your pre-wedding photo shoot. The park’s main point is a big lake with a canopied wood walkway leading to the entrances of each house. The landscape is separated between an ‘inner garden’ and outside landscape regions; the former is extremely detailed, while the second is a softer, casual zone creating a park-like background of native flora with green ‘fingers’ that stretch between the buildings. The facades are entirely glass to enhance views and lighting, and they surround spacious, unobstructed views. Deciding on this place for your pre-wedding shoot is a good decision.

Pergola Gardens Hampstead Heath

The Pergola is a hidden gem of Hampstead Heath. It overlooks West Heath and was the vision of William H Lever, afterwards Lord Leverhulme, a rich idealist and lover of the arts, architecture, and landscape gardening, and Thomas Mawson, the renowned landscape architect. The Hill Gardens is a beautifully designed garden where you can shoot your pre-wedding pictures & videos with your loved ones.

St Dunstan’s in the east

This is another historic place when it comes to pre-wedding photo shoots. This location offers numerous spots for a scenic backdrop in your pre-wedding photo shoot. The Church at St Dunstan was first constructed about 1100 and is a historic Grade I listed structure. In 1967, the city of London chose to transform the remnants into a public park, which was inaugurated in 1970. Our filming professionals are well aware of this place, and they will help you to shoot the moments without any hassle.

Lavender Fields

The southern part of France is undoubtedly the greatest spot in the world to see hundreds of thousands of miles of stunning lavender fields.

The usual flowering and harvesting season will run from mid-July to mid-August. It was late July, and a number of the fields were currently being harvested. If you want to click some aesthetic pictures in the dreamland, this location gives you the perfect vibe. Hire our Asian wedding photographers to film your lovely moments.

Tower Bridge

It does not matter from where you’ll first see Tower Bridge, featuring two neo-Gothic pillars rising smoothly from each side of the Thames: London’s iconic river crossings, with its elevating road portion, is breathtaking. You can also check the images online and measure how your picture will be turned out if you choose this place. To experience real-time results, hire our professional filming experts today.


Overlooked along steeped in the past, the Docklands of London hide arguably the city’s most breathtaking views. The docks were previously part of the Harbor of London, which was once the world’s biggest port. Photography in this place is quite easy because of its versatility. Make some enduring memories at this place by hiring us in your pre-wedding photography/videography journey.

Docklands: Crossrail Place Roof Gardens

The Crossrail Place Rooftop Garden serves as one of London’s biggest roof gardens. This garden is surrounded by stunning pathways and plantations. Finding the best location at this place is easy because of the space’s versatility. Having a photoshoot in this place is worth remembering your engagement and wedding for years. Check out our Indian wedding photographer packages now for booking!

London Bridge

This London Bridge constitutes one of the city’s most iconic monuments. This place is a favourite spot for your wedding and pre-wedding photo shoots. It is a significant bridge that spans the River Thames and has made major contributions to London’s growth and expansion over time. The history associated with this bridge may be traced back to the Roman era when the initial structure in the region was built of wood. In the Middle Ages, a stone bridge replaced the previous timber construction. Capture the history of this bridge in the background of your picture and make it exotic. Book our experts to know more!

St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral is an iconic place when it comes to pre-wedding photo shoots. It offers you an incredible backdrop and aesthetics to add feathers to your photos. St Paul’s Cathedral, built between 1675 and 1710, is an iconic London landmark that was the tallest structure in the city until 1963. The spire that topped Old St Paul’s building was damaged by thunder in 1561, and the building quickly fell into ruin. The Great Fire in London in 1666 destroyed the cathedral, prompting a decision to rebuild it. After nine years of planning, famed architect, as well as polymath Sir Chris Wren, started constructing the new cathedral.

Millennium Bridge

The Millennium Bridge was London’s first new pedestrian crossing in over a century. The design was selected through an open competition and won by both Foster & Partners and Sir Anthony Caro alongside Arup. The bridge is an extremely thin stressed rope suspension bridge that was particularly intended to give stunning views of St Paul’s Cathedral with Tate Modern. Call our professional to capture memorable wedding shoots.

London Eye

This is one of the integral landmarks of London, and it is known as the adventurous and innovative choice of pre-wedding shoot location. This unique location lets you enjoy the snapping of pre-wedding pictures and videos. Don’t miss the opportunity to book our experts, who click on your attractive and appealing pre-wedding pictures.

Choose any of the professional packages from our site today.

Blenheim palace

This is another best location to do your photoshoot for pre-wedding. This is a true example of classic heritage and royalty. Being one of the best spots, this palace has sprawling lawns and an aesthetic space. The architecture of this place and the garden landscape give an awe-inspiring vibe. Take a look at these spectacular places and figure out the best package for your pre-wedding photoshoot.

Durdle Door

Durdle Door, commonly known as Durdle Door, is a naturally occurring limestone arch located in Dorset, England, close to Lulworth on the Jurassic Coast. One of the most photographed and recognizable sites in Dorset is Durdle Door. It is located at the base of a wooden staircase that descends a steep route. The natural aesthetics of this place and the lighting help to click some of the best pictures that you haven’t expected. Book our professional photographers today!

Botany Bay, Kent

With so many chances to capture breathtaking vistas, Botany Bay is a hidden treasure among pre-wedding shoot sites in the UK. Botany Bay is a straightforward yet intriguing place to explore your creativity away from the hustle and bustle. With our help, choose the ideal packages for a pre-wedding photoshoot in Botany Bay. They will always come up with new ideas and poses that make you both look perfect.

Regents Park 

This picturesque park, which was formerly a royal hunting ground, is now a well-liked leisure area with tennis courts, a cricket pitch, kid-friendly playgrounds, an artificial lake, and the London Zoo on the park’s northern border. This is the best choice for your pre-wedding shooting. This place gives some breathtaking views of London. If you are a true nature lover, then you should choose this place to click your memorable picture.

English Heritage Swindon 

If you are having trouble finding any historic and rich place for a wedding shoot in the UK, then this is one of the best choices. Your wedding photoshoot in the countryside might have a distinctive theme inspired by the ruins of Roman life along Hadrian’s Wall. You may look for many historical sites in London by exploring English Heritage. Select your pre-wedding photoshoot package and decide the best one for you!

Gunnersbury Park

This is another option for a pre-wedding photoshoot where you can capture your love and joy. Capture the stunning natural setting backdrop in your images. The beautiful lake, elegant gardens, relaxing vibe and natural settings offer you a blend of scenic beauty. Add a touch of sophistication to your picture. Create a timeless and romantic atmosphere with your spouse and build some memories that you can cherish for life.

Holland Park

Holland Park, a hidden treasure known for its peaceful beauty and enchanted ambience, is situated in the centre of London. Holland Park offers an alluring setting for pre-wedding photographs, with its lush greenery, colourful floral arrangements, and serene wooded zones. Holland Park provides a wonderful environment for couples to make priceless memories, whether they choose to wander along its quaint pathways or capture special moments beneath the shadow of old trees.

Peak District National Park

The spectacular vistas and varied natural beauties of this District National Park create an enthralling scene. With its varied landscapes ranging from gentle slopes and rough moorlands to magical forests and serene lakes, the Peak District is home to beautiful scenery around every corner. Exploring these breathtaking settings may guarantee that your photos will be as distinctive and unforgettable as your love story. Book our experts now and wait for results!

Euridge Image Gallery

Nestled amidst verdant rolling hills, Euridge Manor is located in the centre of the Cotswolds. With its magnificent topiary and gardens, water features, and breathtaking ruins, this venue embodies the traditional Georgian style. One of the greatest locations in the Cotswolds, this spot is ideal for anybody searching for an even more unique backdrop for their pictures.

Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Visionary Photography Pre-shoot in any location (date to be verified by Visionary Photography and client via email).  The client will be responsible for paying the £0.45 per mile petrol fee for places that are far from their starting postcode of tw89lp. In addition, the customer is responsible for paying all parking costs and destination admission fees.


Before payment is made, the clients must make sure that the drone can be used at all of the locations for which it has been picked. Upon selection, the clients will be responsible for paying for the drone, even if the venue permits its usage. If the venues prohibit the use of drones, there will be no return. Before making a reservation, clients must confirm that the drone is appropriate to fly in the requested location or area. If the drone is found to be unsafe to fly on the day of the event, there will be no return.