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Moroccan Wedding Photography

Your Vibrant and Colourful Moroccan Wedding Needs an Expert Moroccan Photographer

Visionary Photography is an expert Moroccan wedding photography service provider who brings expertise to every photo we click. We understand the importance of your wedding day, which is why we take pictures with utmost care and thus deliver exceptional results that will satisfy you. We feel lucky to be a part of many beautiful Moroccan weddings. The picturesque landscapes coupled with the magical wedding allows us to capture the true beauty of both the wedding and the place. 

Creative and Candid Moroccan Wedding Photography at Your Service

Our expertise is to capture loving moments of bride and groom and everyone present in the wedding. We want the photos to be as memorable as your wedding day, which is why we put in our best efforts. Moreover, our years of experience has helped us understand every nuance of Moroccan wedding. The photos that we develop are always creative, and yes, we take many candid moments too. Candid moments capture the real emotion of the moment. Wedding photos are everlasting memories that will remind you of the day you smiled your best. Your wedding photos are destined to preserve your memories. 

Algerian Wedding Photography- Tailored as Per Your Wish

The crux of capturing perfect moments is to first listen to what the client wants. We want to listen to your story; we want you to tell us about the ideas that you want us to add to the photos. And once we know about what you want, we ensure to implement all your ideas in the pictures. We show different perspectives of your wedding day in our photos. For us, every Algerian wedding is unique, and so are the couples. We know that different couples have different needs, which is why we tailor our services to meet our clients’ requirements. 

Call Visionary Photography for the Best Captured Moments

Visionary Photography will love to be a small part of your big day. So, enjoy your day while we work to capture all the beautiful moments of your wedding. Call us to book our service and don’t forget to tell us the location and date. Visionary Photography is here for you.  You can also contact us for Hindu wedding photography, Sikh wedding photography or Islamic wedding Photography


There are specific steps that one needs to follow. The first is to prepare the materials. One will need silver sequin trim, a shag bath mat, and a fringed throw for the base. Once the materials are ready, one needs to cut the strips of the bath mat. Then, lay the strips on the throw and glue the strips. Finally, put the sequin trim. Better to research the steps a bit more to understand correctly. 

The Moroccan wedding blanket originates from the Berber tribes. They are from Northern Morocco. Traditionally a Moroccan wedding blanket is called handira, and it is made of sheep wool. The bride’s female relatives will weave this blanket before the big day. 

It’s not mandatory for men to wear wedding rings. But if they do, they can’t wear gold rings.