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Plan your perfect Indian wedding in the UK

Whoever knows a tiny bit of Indian culture and traditions knows that every celebration and function is popular for its grandeur, and weddings are no different. Unlike other cultures, Indian weddings are absolutely not any affair of a few hours but consist of several days of eventful functions where couples and their family and relatives bond over preparing the bride and groom to start the new journey in their life. In the native land, you can easily have all the access to hold the nuptials. But if you are planning your Indian wedding in the UK, surely you have to put extra effort into making the right arrangements.

Although you can complete the rituals in a foreign country without any obstacle, to capture every special moment of the wedding functions, you must have a specialised Asian wedding photographer. Hiring a specialised photographer can be super handy as it can pragmatically showcase the colours, traditions, and ethnic culture of the Indian wedding celebrations. The British Indian community is always excited about throwing Indian weddings. So let’s get to know how you can plan your perfect Indian wedding.

Selecting the wedding venue

Indian weddings are full of colourful and busy events. One easy way to plan a perfect Indian wedding in the United Kingdom is to hire wedding planner services. They can cater to a wide range of requirements for each occasion of the wedding celebration. They possess the skill and experience to make all the wedding arrangements on behalf of you, from venue decorations to sitting arrangements and subcontracting food and music service to professional Indian wedding photography.

If you are not well aware of the UK Indian wedding markets, your wedding planner can offer you cost-benefit proposals as they are more thorough with making the arrangements. After settling the budget, they can help you find the perfect venue that suits your budget and accommodates your guests.

Florists and designers

For an Indian wedding, flowers are an integral part of the entire celebration. So it’s essential to hire a florist for decoration of every occasion that leads up to the wedding day. Your wedding planner can also handle this task along with having access to designers not just for decorating purposes but also for preparing attractive invitation cards. Clothes and jewellery are other things Indian weddings are famous for. Designers can help choose the perfect outfits for the family and relatives to make them look classy.

Mandap decoration

Organising the mandap is one of the most important things when planning an Indian wedding. This is where all the wedding mantras are read and binding them together for life. This is the main stage platform of the wedding day, where the bride and groom will be seated together and become man and wife after rounding around the fire, making promises after each round. Hence, decorating the canape-like tent stage is important.

Music and videography

You can’t probably forget about the sangeet night, as most of the North-West Indians have this tradition of celebrating with all family and relatives by dancing and singing. The majority of Sikh weddings prioritise this musical night that brings together both bride and groom family to bless the upcoming nuptials and get closer.

If you are hiring a professional photographer, look for Sikh wedding photography to make the best out of your wedding celebration. Those who specialise in Sikh wedding cinematography can deliver picture-perfect shots from pre-wedding to post-wedding rituals.


When it comes to food flavours and hosting, Indian cuisines have a great reputation in the foreign land. So, when you are planning your Indian wedding in the UK, consider the food menu and hire a good catering service provider. You can surely win all the guest’s hearts with India’s flavorful dishes, whether it’s the starters, main courses or desserts.

Don’t forget about deciding on vegetarian and non-vegetarian food menus separately. Although it’s a foreign land, many of your Indian guests still might prefer to eat vegetarian foods, and you don’t want to disappoint them by being not considerate of them.

Wedding procession

Indian wedding processions are one of the most exciting aspects for the groom’s side; they can’t skip them. The whole family and relatives come along the road towards the wedding venue wearing golden and shiny clothes and turbans with dancing, lighting, firecrackers, and lavishly bringing the groom on extravagant vehicles or horses or elephants. The all-inclusive Sikh wedding photography will capture every moment of it, from the loud musical band to all the relatives who emerged in dancing out their excitement.

Now almost all Indian people in the UK make their wedding big and lavish, to make every memory of the special day look most happening. Hence, couples willingly spend money on their wedding photography to make the most important day appear most exquisite. Whether you are planning to make your Sikh wedding extravagant or arrange a spectacular Indian wedding, make sure to hire an experienced Indian wedding photographer that specialises in Asian weddings to make the memories last for a long time.

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