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Everything That You Need to Know About Softbox Lighting

It has been seen that Every Asian wedding photographer carries heavy to light and softbox when they have work to complete. As they deal with heavy softbox lights, that makes it challenging for them to become more active and efficient. However, now the technology has been changed, and they can use lightweight softbox lighting equipment to successfully capture all the moments without worrying about the surrounding lighting condition. Keep reading to explore more about this useful and important photography tool.

What Do You Mean by a Softbox?

Speaking about a softbox, it is one type of light modifier and can effectively confine light from different artificial sources into a framed box, and then it releases the light via a diffusion layer. As it produces a consistent soft light quality, this photography lighting kit has become an important element in every type of photography, like shooting portraits, food, products, wedding photography and more. That is why every wedding videographer in London always carries a professional softbox lighting kit with them.

When To Use a Softbox?

If you are using this for the first time, then you might be wondering about when to use this amazing photography lighting kit? Well, these are the best friends of a studio photographer. Why? Well, softbox lighting creates a versatile lighting condition that can be used to shoot different types of subjects. One of the major reasons to utilize such light is for it can be used in confined and controlled spaces. But you can also use them in different locations.

Most photographers generally use them as fill light or key light. When used as a fill light, the lighting will keep the images from appearing flat. This is crucial in the different lighting setups, especially in the 3-point lighting setup.

On the other hand, the position of this light can create different lighting styles, making the softbox lighting kit very versatile. When used properly, you can easily attain a high-key and bright image or an image with perfect contrast.

If you want, you can also make a softbox on your own by following how to make a softbox instruction available online.

Different Shapes of a Softbox

When you buy a softbox lighting kit, you will come across different shapes. Remember that different shapes are used for different purposes. Well, choosing a shape will depend on your shooting style. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Rectangular softbox lighting is ideal for vertical portraits as well as compositions due to its perfect vertical length. You can easily rotate them for horizontal and wider compositions.

You can also go for a square softbox photography lighting kit. This is quite common in portrait or close-up photography. Furthermore, they are also perfect for smaller studios where headspace is low. However, there is a demerit of this softbox. You may experience some fall-off during vertical shots.

There are also octagonal softboxes. These are perfect for portraits as well as fashion photography. This softbox lighting creates a natural wrap-around lighting effect. The reflection of the light in the subject’s eyes will be circular, and that will also look more natural.

If you don’t have enough budget to buy one, then follow the how-to make a softbox instruction to create a good one without spending a lot of money. And for this, you will need a light source, cardboard boxes, diffusion material, aluminium foil and some other simple things. Just search for how to make a softbox and follow the instructions properly.

Some Benefits of Using Softbox Lighting

Creates a Perfect Lighting Condition

If you are a product photographer, then you can opt for softbox lighting to make the photos appear bright and clear. Place two softboxes tilted and adjacent towards the product to the right effect.

A Better Portrait Photography

Softbox can be used to adjust the shadows. For example, you can place one box underneath the chin to lower the shadows and another one above to make sure there is an even lighting condition around the place.

Helps You to Make Your Online Videos Look Professional

Whether it is for Indian wedding photography or creating a superior quality for your vlog, you can always use a softbox kit. While recording your video, you can place two softboxes positioned just a little above as well as to the side. Now, angle your primary lights towards the subject. If you are using a ring light, then go and shoot photos or videos through the centre of the light.

A Perfect Option for Interior Design Photography

You can use them to light up a part of your room or a small space to come up with stunningly beautiful interior photographs.

Now you understand softbox lighting; it’s time to invest in a good and professional softbox lighting kit so that you can produce quality photographs for your clients. You easily buy them online under your budget.

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