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Top 6 Pre Wedding Shoot Locations in UK That You Should Choose

There is no doubt that a pre-wedding photo shoot is an important part of the wedding. After all, shooting photos outdoors with your life partner is such a wonderful feeling, and you can’t express that feeling in words. However, to make your pre-wedding photoshoot memorable, you will have to choose the best pre-wedding shoot locations in UK. Yes, a location will play a crucial role here. Your trendy jewellery and outfit will be worthless if you can’t find a perfect location for your pre-wedding photoshoot.

If you are looking for beautiful pre-wedding shoot locations near me, then here are some options that you can consider.

Best pre-wedding shoot locations in UK For Your Pre-Wedding Photography

1.    Black Park

One of the most easily accessible and beautiful locations for your pre-wedding photoshoot is Black Park, located in London. This beautiful park is spread over more than 500 acres of land, and for pre-wedding photography in London, professional photographers use it as a colourful canvas.

On the other hand, the park also offers some fun activities. You can choose the areas located nearby the café and benches as photography spots. Furthermore, the beautiful trails and forest paths can also be some creative background for your pre-wedding photography in London.

2.    Virginia Water

For amazing serene backdrops for your memorable pre-wedding photography, you can choose these locations. The pristine clear water, along with the beautiful waterfall, can make you go creative for your pre-wedding photo shoot. To make the best out of it, you should hire an experienced wedding photographer. Check out the place now.

3.    Promise Hill

Even though you will find a lot of locations in London that will offer a beautiful view of the city, only a few locations are as stunning as Promise Hill. This is one of the best pre-wedding shoot locations in UK, where you can get some airy Leafs shots along with a mesmerising few of London. The beauty of this place moves to a whole new level in the evening.

4.    Kew Gardens

When searching for pre-wedding shoot locations in UK, you can’t avoid Kew Gardens. This classic spot has different types of plants as well as wildlife. The colourful flowers and plants will create a stunning background for your photo shoot. You can also take some photos near the Victorian glasshouse.

If you have constraints moving out of station, then parks can be a good idea for pre-wedding photography. On the other hand, your wedding photographer will also have a lot of scours of the local parks, like Kew Gardens. Check out this amazing place now.

5.    Docklands

This is another perfect option for couples looking for some great pre-wedding shoot locations in UK. If you are looking for a peaceful place in the UK and don’t want to travel a long distance, then this place is for you. The beautiful and well-maintained parks, along with fountains, make it an excellent location for a pre-wedding photo shoot. You can also find many seasonal plants and landscaped parks that can be beautiful backgrounds.

6.    Millennium Bridge

This is a newly constructed bridge on the river Thames. The unique design of the bridge makes it quite popular among photographers. The small and detailed artworks that are spread over the bridge add a unique character to this location. However, you should work with an experienced wedding photographer to have some stunning pre-wedding photos at this location.

Always Visit the Location Before Your Pre-wedding Photo Shoot

To have a hassle-free and enjoyable pre-wedding photoshoot, it is advisable to visit the location before your shooting. Well, you might have dreamt of visiting some historical monument for your shoot when you last visited the place 15 years back. But how to make sure that the place will still be in the same condition? So, visit the place and check it by yourself to make sure the location is perfect for your pre-wedding photo shoot.

Take Help Of Your Photographer To Find Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations UK

If you are confused and don’t know which place to choose, you can also take the help of your professional photographer. Sometimes, your photographer can be a good source to find a good pre-wedding photo shoot location. Most photographers have an idea and knowledge about the places and locations located in and out of the city. Just let them know your styles, preferences and taste, and they will recommend some of the coolest pre-wedding shoot locations.

This is an important day of your life, and you should frame it through some beautiful photographs. So, next time you search for the best pre-wedding shoot locations near me, don’t forget to include these locations in the list. Well, to come up with some quality and stunning photographs, always hire a professional wedding photographer in the UK.

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