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Breathe Romance Into Pictures Using Unique Props For Pre-Wedding Shoot

A majority of people consider their wedding day to be the special day of their life. Nowadays, couples want to make their marriage very memorable. So they hire wedding photographers to capture the precious moments of happiness. But the new concept in the wedding market trending is pre-wedding photo shoots.

Couples are getting very interested in telling stories about their meeting and the start of their love story, and the best way to do this is to go through their pre-wedding photo shoot. But the most complex part of the wedding shoot is arranging props. Using props for the pre-wedding shoot has become a great necessity that could add a pop of colour and a dash of drama to the pictures’ story. Here are some unique elements you can add through your pre-wedding images to enhance the ideas of narrating a story.

Get creative over the props for pre-wedding shoot

Add style to your pre-wedding photos with landscapes

Location can be a very crucial decision when thinking of doing a pre-wedding photoshoot. A good and aesthetic landscape can work as a great prop for doing a pre-wedding shoot that helps you magnify the theme of your story. It can be a beach, mountain, open ground, or dessert to use as your wedding photoshoot props setting.

If you and your partner are in love with mountains, fall in love with tropical settings, or having romance by the desert is your idea, make your romantic dinner more glorious with the local popular items, animals, activities, etc., while clicking on the grand landscapes. For a more dreamy concept, you can use white cotton and foams as wedding photoshoot props for cool images in snowy settings.

The magic of music with love notes

Wedding preparation can hardly give couples time to spend together. Use your pre-wedding photoshoot time to be the reason behind your quality time together. Bringing musical instruments into your list of props for pre-wedding shoot can be a great concept if you and your partner love bonding over music. Music adds the perfect romantic escape for couples to match just any aesthetics of the photo shoot; whether it’s a guitar or a piano, they can easily be the focal point of the whole concept as you take poses.

Flowers, lights, fireworks

Flowers, colours, and lights might sound cliché, but they are still going strong as the most used pre-wedding shoot accessories. They are the perfect props for symbolising romance as much as they are set for the aesthetic purpose. Being surrounded by flowers or falling flower petals to get that colour pop in your picture, a flower shower concept is a fun-tastic theme to add as your props for pre-wedding shoot. Moreover, you can also use fireworks or lanterns to bring silhouettes through the soft glow of colourful light illuminating the couples that can give that dreamt ambience.

Paw-fect pictures for puppy lovers

Do you and your fiancé love pets, or are you more of a dog enthusiast? You can always bring your furry friend onto the frame, which accentuates your common interest as you enjoy a romantic picnic. Those pictures with your picnic and pet props for pre-wedding shoot would not just be too adorable to gush over, but they look more in line with your character, so your pictures look more natural.

Bring a rustic vibe with countryside scenes

If your idea of life involves more simple aesthetics and staying down to earth, using pre-wedding shoot accessories to create a village setting would be a noble concept for a great photoshoot session. Most countryside scenes can give that rustic ambience that naturally fits into the picture, making couples look more engaging than ever.

Games or books

Are you or your partner into enjoying games or reading books? Implement some game fields and gaming accessories as your wedding photoshoot props setting. It can be badminton, soccer or anything that makes you and your partner break into a smile and enjoy a fun-filled photo session in a more familiar environment. If you are rather a more indoor person and enjoy reading books, use books, a library, tables, and desks as your props for pre-wedding shoot to make your photo shoot as natural as you like, even though the concept can look a bit geeky.

Word props to do the heart talks

If bringing more props to the setting is a hard task or getting permission can be complex for your photo shoot location, the easiest way out to do the most talking for your still pictures would be word props for your pre-wedding shoot accessories.

You might have your own photography skills or someone from your friend group. But it’s more suitable to hire professional photographers who have come with an affordable fee that works along your budget with their skills and professional manners. They are the most ideal for your wedding day and other ritual days and for pre-wedding photo shoots. Since they have their own tools and ability to source your desired props on time and limited budget, they never disappoint their clients. With professionals at your service, you don’t need to worry about props and locations; just enjoy the photo shoot.

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